Petition Against Balakrishna For Distributing Money Show in Nandyala

Nandyala: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, the MLA, MLA Balakrishna Nandia’s campaign campaign was donated in the road show. The photos distributed by Balakrishna are viral in social media. Balakrishna, who unleashed government programs in the road show, asked the noddy people to lend TDP to the development.

When Balakrishna was distributing money, Andhra Pradesh Minister of Culture spoke on the Bhooma Akhila Priya Road Show. Balakrishna’s money supply was moved to the Election Commission (EC). The photos of the viruses in social media are easy and thoroughly investigated. Balakrishna, who went to stay at a hotel after a road show, was aware of a fan who came to photograph.

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