Balayya once again hit the fan

once again hit the fan Hindupur MLA Balayya was like a fan again


Hero, Hindupur MLA Bala was like a fan again. were both membrane. It was the hand of a fan tanapaiki mistake. Cellumanipincaru cheek. Hindupuranlo Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh state on Tuesday (October 3) participated in TDP MLA from house to house. Vidhividhi been.The event was held at the time of going to a bush in the next galliki. TDP activists took part in this event in large numbers.At this time, a worker from the back, some nettatanto, padaboyadu recent fan. Balakrsnaku sustained.That’s one of the pikadu any thinking.Shock was the recent stone.Meanwhile, security personnel, TDP leaders took the young man away. TDP activists to learn about what happened recent hitting, philayyaru NTR fans.

This is the third time that it was recently picked up by the arm while the recent camera.The day before yesterday, a staff of the shooting of the film hit the opening. Nandyal yesterday, a worker hit the election campaign.Now, the party had to do this campaign.Viruses are the recent series of beatings.

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