Disabled Boys Tied To Trees By Own Families For Five Years

Rajasthan: In a dismal act, two boys tied up for nearly five years were rescued by an NGO – Aasra Vikas Sansthan and the child rights department.

Eight-year-old Umesh, hailing from Kolyari in Rajasthan, is visually impaired and mentally disabled. He lives with his grandmother Peepi Bai as he lost both his parents five years ago to HIV.

His grandmother justifies her act of tying him to a bamboo pole due to his violent acts. The 75-year-old says,”We can’t afford his treatment as we don’t earn well. He was fine till the age of three but started behaving differently after his parents died.”

Similar is the destitute case of Jiva Ram (11), who hails from Baydi Village in Udaipur. This boy too is physically challenged as he has polio and suffers mental breakdowns. The people who rescued him say that it was heart-wrenching for them to find the naked boy tied up to a tree. His father Hurma Ram ties up the boy every day before he goes to his farm.

“I have spent Rs 3 to Rs 4 lakhs on his treatment but things remained unchanged. Jive behaves violently, Therefore I have tied him up,” said Hurma.

“Both the boys have been shifted to a shelter home where they will be taken good care of. We shall start their treatment and help them grow into good human beings,” said Bhoraj Singh, founder of Aasra Vikas Sansthan .

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