Kamal Haasan hints at entry into politics

‘It is time for political change’ Kamal Haasan, who has been criticising the government on social media, said that his political journey had begun. Speaking at a wedding reception organised by Thangavel, all-India treasurer of his fans’ association, here on Wednesday, he said people should not consider it as just a wedding function but an inauguration function (for politics).

At the airport later in the evening, the actor said he had to begin his political journey somewhere it didn’t matter if it was Coimbatore or on Twitter. Urging his fans to continue questioning the government, Mr. Haasan said that by taking money for votes, they had “let in thieves” and had erred in doing so. It was time for political change and the struggle for change should continue. To those asking him if he had mustered the courage to lead, he said, “My reply is, are you courageous enough to accept my leadership?”

Urging his fans to continue working the way they had done in the past, Mr. Haasan said when the time is right, they should start the journey towards the fort (Fort St. George). And that journey should be in such a way that even a poor man would be able to make it to the fort. Mr. Haasan said that he would only urge his fans to continue protesting, but with clean hands.

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