Kurnool Youth Missing In US Found Dead

Kurnool: In a tragic incident, the 25-year-old Prudhvinath Kanduri, who went missing in Delaware on Monday, was found dead by the New Castle County police later in the day.

As Prudhvi was searching for the ways to commit suicide, the police suspected that he might end his life by overdosing a drug. The cops informed the death of Prudhvi to his parents Rajeswari and Gopalkrishna Kanduri who then requested the police to send the body home as soon as possible.

Prudhvi was staying at 21 Bridal path in Wilmington along with his friends. He reportedly went to office on Monday and did not return. The phone calls made by his friends and parents were not answered.

Prudhvi’s friends told the police that he was searching for ways to commit suicide on his phone for sometime.

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