How Las Vegas Shooter foiled Anti-Terror Plan?

How Las Vegas Shooter foiled Anti-Terror Plan?

Las Vegas

US adopted anti-terrorism protocol in 2009 to effectively handle mass shootings, suicide bombings, chemical attacks, planes crashing into buildings and other possible security breaches. Las Vegas Shooter who killed 58 people and wounded over 550 others managed to foil what it looked like extremely effective anti-terrorism plan until then.

Why Cops failed to stop Stephen Paddock in quick time? Paddock fired bullets using powerful semi-automatic weapons from the 32nd floor of his hotel room on the 22,000 people who attended the concert on Sunday night. The angle from which he open fire has put the security forces in a helpless situation.

An FBI Official explains: ‘When you fire bullets 32 floors up from 500 meters yard, They might hit somewhere else instead of the aimed location even if you are accurate due to high trajectory. So, We decided to come as close as possible to him’.

Security Forces managed to blew open Paddock’s hotel room only 75 minutes after the shooting began. The Shooter killed himself before anyone could come close to him with the help of cameras installed near his hotel room.

This is second such Mass Shooting in modern US history. In 1966, A Gunman killed 15 people and wounded 31 others at University of Texas by opening fire from a tower.

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