Patna Boy Breaks Down After Marrying Girl At Gunpoint​

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Patna: A Bihar engineer was kidnapped and forced to marry a girl in the city. The incident came to light after the victim’s brother lodged a complaint with the police.

According to the police, the groom, Vinod Kumar is working as a junior engineer at Bokaro steel plant. He was kidnapped by the bride’s relatives while he was returning from a wedding one month ago. Later, the groom’s parents received a call regarding their son’s marriage at gunpoint in Bihar. Vinod was dressed as a groom and forced to marry the girl.

The bride’s family, who saw Vinod at the wedding, followed him to the railway station and the bride’s brother Surendra Yadav pressurized Vinod to come to Mokama, where he was kidnapped and forced to marry a girl. Later, the girl’s parents called up the groom’s parents and informed them about the marriage. Based on the complaint given by Vinod’s brother Sanjay, the police freed the groom, where he was kept secretly after the marriage.

“I was pressurized to go to Mokama by the woman’s brother and taken to Pandarak. They forced me to marry the girl by aiming a pistol at me,” the groom said. “When I refused to apply sindoor, one of their relatives said that they were only getting me married and not hanging me,” he added. The police registered a case and investigating.

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