Magician held for molesting woman, After Delivering Baby Girl

Hyderabad: Three persons, including a fake godman were arrested on Tuesday for harassing a woman to give birth to a male child by taking medicine given by the godman. They also sent a divorce notice to the woman after she gave birth to a girl child.

According to the police, Habiba Fathima(19) got married to Mohd Mansoor in 2016. Few months after marriage, Mansoor went to Abu Dhabi leaving Fathima with his parents. Meanwhile, Fathima became pregnant in August 2016. Since then her in-laws started harassing her to conceive a male child. They also recommended her to go to a godman for a medicine for getting baby boy.

The godman touched her private parts and gave her an oil to apply on her stomach and some medicine, saying that it would help to deliver a male child. Later, Fathima went to Abu Dhabi to meet her husband in October 2016. She complained about the godman’s improper behavior and harassment of the in-laws. But Mansoor also repeated his parents’ decision and he asked his wife to take the medicine. Mansoor then sent back his wife to Hyderabad in January. Fathima never took the medicine.

In May 2017, Fathima delivered a baby girl which led to the anger of her in-laws. Taking the situation of an advantage, the in-laws demanded an extra dowry of Rs10 lakh. As the woman refused to give the money, she received a divorce notice from her husband in June.

Fathima lodged a complaint with the police against her in-laws and the godman, who were arrested on Tuesday.

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