Punjab Man Two Sons Names ‘Bharat’ And ‘Pakistan’ To Promote Peace

Punjab: To bring the clash between the two countries India and Pakistan to an end, a 40-year-old carpenter from Maulot in Punjab has named his two sons Bharat and Pakistan.

Gurmeet lives with his wife and three kids in Maulot located at 70km from the India-Pakistan border. He named his 11-year elder son as Bharat and 10-year old son as Pakistan. To promote peace between the two countries, I decided to do something to spread love and forgiveness among people, nations and neighborhoods, Gurmeet said.

Gurmeet, who migrated to Malout from Haryana after the anti-sikh violence in 1984 decided to promote peace as the partition left a great impact on him.

His younger son’s name also brought him trouble as the boy’s school authorities refused to admit him in school due to his name. Later, Gurmeet changed Pakistan name to Karandeep. However, the family and neighbors call him Pakistan.

Gurmeet also named his shop as ‘Bharat-Pakistan Woodworker’

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