RGV Says; Vijay Devarakonda Is Telangana Megastar

Hyderabad: Arjun Reddy has left its indelible impression on audiences and inimitable director Ram Gopal Varma too is wonder-struck. The director showered praises on actor Vijay Devarakonda and director Sandeep Reddy. Telangana minister KTR hailed Vijay as a rockstar and congratulated the team through a tweet.

 He went on to call Vijay as the “Megastar of Telangana State” and a blend of young Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pacino.

RGV wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook account and stated the reason why the actor and director standout form the rest of the pack in the Telugu cinema. He calls Vijay as real hero as “heroes of today are very heavily dependent upon slow motion and ramping shots aided with ear-splitting background music to appear heroic”.

He adds on that Vijay’s eye and voice tone itself builds “background music from within himself.” RGV hailed Sandeep for his vision and said that he will be watched out for many decades

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