Samantha Chaitanya Love Story: How It Converted in to Wedding

Samantha Chaitanya Love Story: How It Converted in to Wedding

Samantha Chaitanya Love Story


Tollywood’s lovey-dovey celebrity couple Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are all set to exchange wedding vows in Goa tomorrow. While there are innumerable stories doing the rounds on the wedding details, their love story still seems to be clouded in mystery.

We, here at, will throw some light on the same so as to appease the fans of both the actors.

Here’s a peek into Sam-Chai love story…

The two met on the sets of Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Ye Maaya Chesave. The duo debuted together in the film as Jessie and Karthik. Whoever has watched the film is sure to have noticed the chemistry they shared onscreen. However, cupid did not strike just yet. The two, though, got on like a house on fire and ever since remained good friends.

Eventually, in the years that followed the two went their separate ways with respect to relationships and movies. While Chai dated Shruti Haasan for a while, Sam dated Siddharth. But like they say matches are made in heaven and thus both relationships were not meant to be.

Later, sparks flew between Sam and Chai and they realized this was for keeps. Thus, it was all evident during the screening of Sam’s A Aa. Soon the two professed their love while King of romance and Chai’s dad Akkineni Nagarjuna himself officially annouced that their love story was for real and the two love birds were ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Alas, look where they have landed at the wedding altar! The story is no less than fairy tale, yeah?

Here’s wishing the couple a lovely wedding ceremony and marital bliss.



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