Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy’s fire broke out!

Nandyal: YSR Congress party leader and the youngest Shilpa Reddy, shots were fired at the target.Shilpa cakrapanireddipai attempted via open fire on the Earth population.Wine tastes vargiyudu fired five rounds of the Earth.However, he narrowly survived.Shilpa Puma community setting off the plot.

Shilpa, who attended the funeral of the leader of the minority cimping cakrapanireddipai this event took place at the Hotel Suraj ground.Raudisit Bars is the passion of the shooters.During the election, then the passion has also been allocated to ganmenlanu madhuku Chandra Sarkar.The information received by the police reached the place of the event.In this regard, it is to be seen in full detail.

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