Silpa’s Attacker Celebrates Wedding Anniversary

Nandyal: TDP leader Abhiruchi Madhu, who tried to attack Silpa Chakrapani Reddy with a sword and was caught on camera, is still moving round fearlessly. He is scotfree in Nandyal. What more, he even celebrated his wedding anniversary without an iota of fear.

Though video footage clearly showd Madhu wielding a weapon and threatening the YSR Congress leaders brandishing the same weapon, police did not register any case against him. Instead, cases were booked against YSR Congress leader Silpa Chakrapani Reddy, his family members and followers.

A day after the by- election in Nandyal assembly constituency, TDP workers led by its leader Madhu attacked Chakrapani’s car and damaged it. The Police, who were present at the scene of offense, have become mute spectators and not taken any action against the TDP leaders. Shilpa’s brother in law and two others have already been remanded in custody.

Locals said that Madhu had celebrated his wedding anniversary after the attack and is still roaming free in the town as police did not even bother take action against him.

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