Sindhu Says: It’s Not Going To Be Easy Anymore

International matches have become more competitive and demanding characterised by long rallies, feels P V Sindhu, who had to settle for a silver after losing a marathon final at the World Championship.

In a battle of attrition marked by energy-sapping long rallies, including a 73-shot rally, Sindhu and Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara fought for an hour and 50 minutes before the Indian lost the match by a whisker.

“It’s not going to be easy anymore. Because, if you see, women’s singles, men’s singles, doubles, whatever, nowadays, the rallies are too long,” Sindhu told reporters after returning home on Tuesday. “Nobody is getting an easy point anywhere. It is just that you have to fight for each point,” she said.

Talking about the nail-biting final, Sindhu said: “Mentally and physically, it is just tiring. But at that point of time, you just think that you have to get that point. Because, it is world championship finals. I was just playing. She was equally tired. That 73-shot rally, I think it happened for the first time. It was a good match because, it was anybody’s game,” she said.

Olympic silver medallist Sindhu said she was upset after the match

“It was a good match, overall. Okuhara also played well. At that time, after 20-all, it was anybody’s game. I fought hard but it was not just my day,” she said.

With Saina and Sindhu reaching the semifinals, there was lot of expectations of having another all-Indian final at the World Championship but it didn’t materialise after the former lost to Okuhara in the final four. Sindhu said a final clash between her and Saina at the World Championship could be a possibility in future.Sindhu said it was a great feeling to receive wishes on social media from many prominent personalities, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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