Singer Toshi Sabri Defends Viral Video of Crying Girl. She’s His Niece – ‘Stubborn’ And Won’t Study

NEW DELHI: Singer Toshi Sabri has called out cricketer Virat Kohli for posting a video of a little girl crying that went viral last week, saying the child is his niece and that the video had not been meant for public circulation. The little girl, three-years-old, is ‘stubborn’ and was filmed as proof,

Toshi Sabri told Hindustan Times. The video shows the child weeping piteously as her mother forces her to recite numbers and was met with outraged criticism after being posted on social media by Virat, Yuvraj Singh and Shikhar Dhawan, who also denounced the mother’s parenting style as ‘hurtful’ and ‘unacceptable.’

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