Student Sets Self Ablaze After Parents, Teacher Scold Her To Do Homework

A class 6 student set herself on fire on Wednesday at Nijamsagar after her teacher and family members chided her for not doing homework. Shetty Shalini(11) is studying class 6 in a private school in Pitlam. She was the younger daughter of Sangeeta and Srisailam who are natives of Achampet. Shalini has an elder brother who would beat her daily to make her to do the homework. Her teacher and parents would also chide her for the same thing.

On Wednesday, Shalini’s teacher threatened her to take her to the school principal for not completing the homework. Depressed over teacher’s warning and family member’s torture, Shalini wanted to end her life. After returning from school, Shalini found that her parents and brother were out. She then went into kitchen and doused herself with kerosene and set herself ablaze.

On hearing her screams, neighbors alerted her parents who rushed Shalini to the hospital in Sangareddy from where the doctors moved her to Gandhi Hospital after the first aid. Shalini died while undergoing treatment. Based on the complaint lodged by Shalini’s father Srisailam, police recovered a suicide note from the kitchen stating that “Mom and dad, you both are scolding me for not doing homework and my social teacher threatened me to take to principal today. Brother is also beating me for leaving the homework incomplete. So I am ending my life.”

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