Pawan Kalyan fans dedicating Kodaakaa Song to Kathi Mahesh

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Pawan Kalyan fan records the song

Hyderabad: The war of words between film critic and former Bigg Boss contestant Kathi Mahesh and Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans reached a feverish pitch on Tuesday after power star fans released a spoof of Agnyaathavaasi song Kodakaa.. Koteshwar Rao targeting their rival. A complete spoof on Kathi Mahesh, the video begins with the dialogues of Pawan Kalyan who has rendered the song.

A fan in the video is seen mocking Kathi and threatening him with dire consequences if he continues to criticise the Telugu Power Star. He adds that Kathi must be wary of the power star fans even if he tenders an apology and keeps mum in future. The song is rendered without a music track.

After almost a year-long war with Power Star fans, the film critic on Sunday held a media meet at the Press club in Hyderabad throwing an open invitation to Pawan Kalyan. Although Pawan Kalyan did not turn up, scores of his fans reached the venue to attack Kathi. Police had to arrest Pawan Kalyan’s fans after tension gripped the venue.

In addition to his previous criticism of Pawan Kalyan, his movies and politics, Kathi leveled more allegations this time involving an actress with whom, he claims, the Jana Sena chief had a secret relationship.

Kathi demanded that Pawan Kalyan stop his fans from making threatening and derogatory comments against him (Kathi) on the social media. And the result is there for you to see, another threat from the actor’s fan–A spoof of the Kodakaa number from Agnyaathavaasi targeting Kathi Mahesh

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