‘Typhoon-Like Weather’ – Mumbai Braces For Heaviest Rain


  1. Incessant rain in Mumbai since morning
  2. Weathermen believe rain could continue for 48 hours in some parts of city
  3. Industrialist Anand Mahindra called it “typhoon-like weather” in a tweet

Mumbai is struggling in waist-deep water, lashed by what weather officials believe could be the heaviest and longest bout of rain since July 26, 2005, when the city was devastated by floods. “Typhoon-like weather” – as industrialist Anand Mahindra calls it – has left roads flooded in several parts of the city; traffic has slowed down and trains are delayed.

It has rained incessantly since morning – along with strong winds – and if it continues till high tide at 4.30 pm, India’s commercial capital could be in for hours of flooding, traffic jams and stranded cars on the roads.

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